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Caspian: Technologies for the Environment
International Environmental Exhibition

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On 2 November, the International Environmental Exhibition, Caspian: Technologies for the Environment (CTE 2011) has started at Baku Expo Centre. This is the biggest event in ecology and environmental protection within the Caspian and Caucasus regions, presenting complex new innovations in the fields of environmental protection and the natural resource management. The exhibition is held with the support and active participation of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Azerbaijan Republic. Organization of CTE was entrusted to ITE Group plc (UK) and its partner in Azerbaijan, Iteca Caspian LLC.

The exhibition was prefaced by a VIP tour in which the participants included Mr Huseyngulu Baghirov, the Minister for Ecology and Natural Resources of Azerbaijan Republic; government representatives; and representatives of the diplomatic corps. As the guest of honour, Mr Lino Baranao, the Minister for Science, Technology and Innovative Production in Argentina, visited the exhibition. During the VIP tour guests were informed about new environmental projects and those that have already been successfully implemented by the Azerbaijani Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources within Azerbaijan. At the end of the VIP tour both ministers gave interviews to the media. Mr Baghirov described the work currently being carried out by the Ministry, including the purification of contaminated waters and amenity planting, as well as the introduction of new technologies to the industry. The minister also made several announcements about new projects to be implemented by the Ministry in Absheron -in particular, the transfer of the zoo to the area adjacent to the Jeyranbatan settlement.

During his interview, Mr Baghirov highlighted the importance of this years exhibition and that it is one of the four most topical exhibition events in the country. The growth of the exhibition compared with last years event is quite encouraging. At the end of the interview the minister wished all the participants a successful exhibition.

Mr Baranao, in his turn, noted that Argentina has recently started to co-operate with Azerbaijan, and is very interested in strengthening this co-operation. Having become acquainted with the exhibition, Mr Baranao said that he was glad to be at an event which presents such a high level of technology for use in the field of environmental protection. The minister expressed the hope that Argentina will co-operate very closely with the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Azerbaijan Republic.

The exhibition has brought together government officials, scientists, and leading players in Azerbaijan and the international market in clean technologies. CTE 2011 involves 76 companies from 13 countries, including, among others, Azerbaijan, Israel, France, Moldova, the USA, Turkey and the Czech Republic. Germany and Latvia are participating in the exhibition as national groups.

What distinguishes this exhibition is that government agencies demonstrate a keen interest in it. On their stand, the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources provide detailed information about the work done in recent years to improve the environmental background of the country. The exhibition has also involved the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan, which is presenting its ecotourism project; the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Azerbaijan with its projects on rapid reaction and response to environmental disasters; the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic; and other government agencies, i.e. Azersu Joint Stock Company are in attendance with a project for the upgrade of the water supply system in Azerbaijan, and Melioration and Waterworks Systems OJSC are presenting projects on the protection of soil and the use of modern irrigation systems. Alongside these companies and government agencies the exhibition is attended by non-governmental organizations which perform much work for Azerbaijan in the field of ecology. Visitors are showing great interest in the proposals for water purification from leading companies concerned about minimizing the damage caused to the environment by their operations. Thus, SOCAR, BP and Saipem are presenting a number of major environmental projects aimed at eliminating the consequences of long-term oil and gas development in Azerbaijan.

The visitors were also introduced to the latest developments in the effective use of natural and renewable resources (wind, water, earth); saw demonstrations of the latest alternative energy equipment; and witnessed the purification of water which can then be used as drinking water. In addition, the exhibition includes wind generators, special plant and equipment to determine the pollution level of sea water, waste treatment plants, rare plants, unique proposals for landscaping, and much more.

The exhibition will continue until 4 November.

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